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Having your emails go to spam and ineffective content can be a headache. Our team can craft cold-email systems that sidestep spam, land in inboxes, and hold attention to inspire action. So you can turn your emails into a money making machine...

ROI Fantasies Come True

Welcome to the B2B Cold-Emailing Masters! We manage bulk email blasts and cold email campaigns to B2B companies in sectors across the board such as Mortgage, Finance, Lending, Credit and Business Loans, Credit Repair, Real Estate, Affiliate Marketing, Automotive Marketing, eCommercce, Healthcare, Direct B2B, Insurance, Apps, Education and more.
We send millions of emails every month with high opening rates and ROI that only cold emails can get!
Cold-Email and Mass Email Strategy and Consultation
SMTP installation
Dedicated IPs
SMTP, Domain and IP Warm Up
Deliverability analysis, segmentation and list cleaning
Creative and copywriting that drives success!
Rotating IP set up
Rotating servers planning
Rotating domains planning
Funnel and automation planning and creation
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Opening Rates Fun Facts

Here's an example of how personalized subject lines can drastically improve open rates

Based on data we've analyzed in the past 90 days

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We've helped Aaron, an affiliate marketer, confidently reach out to 100,000 new leads and generate hundreds of thousands in revenue, giving him the financial stability to travel the world with his family and create memories they will never forget!

A photo of a mortgage broker from Denver CO, who was able to close more loans thanks to professional cold email strategy that allowed communicating with her prospects an build authority in the mortgage field in CO

We've helped Jill, a mortgage broker from Denver, create a powerful brand story that not only generated more sales but also gave her the confidence to pursue her passion for painting, helping her achieve a better work-life balance and rediscover her creativity!

A real estate investor from New York City who tapped into 2023 cold emailing strategies, was able to warm up 10 domains and send cold emails to more than 100K new leads, generating investments in tens of millions

We've helped Ron, a commercial real estate in New York, establish himself as a voice of authority in his field and generate a steady stream of leads, giving him the confidence to pursue his lifelong dream of writing a book and sharing his knowledge with others.

An online course creator was able to sell 60 subscriptions with cold email campaigns that later move into nurturing email automation with free consultation CTA

Best We've helped Emily, an online course creator, overcome spam filters and land in the inbox, reaching more students than ever before and giving her the platform to share her knowledge and make a positive impact on people's lives.

A photo of Don, a successful loan officer from Ontario, who was able to write a compelling email thread to businesses, engaging with them an picking their interest in business loan and credit opportunities

We've helped Don, a Loan Officer, generate more leads and close more deals, giving him the satisfaction of knowing that he's making a positive impact on people's lives.

Welcome to Omni Online Strategies! A full service cold-email marketing agency. A one-stop-shop for businesses that want to reach their potential customers via email, generate leads and grow B2B email lists, while delivering their messages to people’s inbox folders.

We can help you in every step of your cold-email campaign, from finding the right people to send emails to, strategizing your IP and servers systems, working on your deliverability, designing emails that look professional and grab attention, writing emails that will make your customers want to take action, and even sending the emails and tracking the results.

We are experts in understanding your target market and goals and will work with you to create a customized cold-email marketing strategy that will help you achieve your goals whether it’s generating leads, raising awareness or engaging with your customers. Omni Online Strategies will handle the nitty-gritty details of your campaign, so you can focus on running your business while they take care of reaching your potential customers in an effective way.

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