A Complete Guide to Cleaning Up Your Email Lists with ActiveCampaign

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A Complete Guide to Cleaning Up Your Email Lists with ActiveCampaign

Removing unengaged subscribers from your email lists and keeping a hygiene contact list is absolutely crucial for your email marketing and automation success rates.



Whether your email software is ActiveCampaign, Sendinblue, PinpointConvert, Getresponse or MailChimp, you want to make sure that you send emails only to real people who engage with your emails.

Email marketing may be at the core of your sales. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail measure your opening rates and click rates (while bounce rates are also measured along with other factors) to keep your sending IP and your sender’s email address validated.

Sending emails to email addresses that don’t engage affect your validation score. Keeping clean lists will help your emails go to people’s inbox and not to their spam folder.

We Can Build Your Automated Email Clean Up System for Only $500

In this article we will teach you how to build an automated email clean-up  system that will:

  • Automatically tag unengaged contacts

  • Automatically send unengaged contacts a sequence of emails to check up on them before removal

  • And, if they don’t response- remove them from your lists


In this article we will be using ActiveCampaign to demonstrate the set up of the email cleaning system.

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Step 1: Creat “last interaction” contact field

On your ActiveCampaign dashboard, click “contacts”.

Open any contact

Click “Manage Fields”

This window will open:

Click “add field”. We will name it “last interaction date” and create the tag LAST_INTERACTION_DATE

Click save and close the window:)

Step 2: Build an Automation that Automatically Update the Last Interaction Date

On main menu, click “automation” and create a new automation from scratch.

You will create two entry points. One that will mark a the last date of a  reading of an email as a “last interaction date”, and one that will do the same for any link that was clicked.

At the top of the automation workflow, click “Add a new trigger”.

Search for the trigger “open/reads an email” and click on it.

In the next window click “campaign”.

Then select any email, any list, multiple times.

Now create another trigger, this time for clickers.

Choose any email, any list, any link and run multiple times.

Name the automation and remember what you called it:)

Save and exit.

We Can Build This Thing for You!

Step 3: Build an automated List Cleaner!


Let’s move on. Go to automation and create a new automation.
You can call this automation “The List Cleaner”, but don’t forget to like Omni Online Strategies on Facebook🙂
Here is what the List Cleaner automation will do. It will take unengaged contacts, send them a touching base email, and if they still don’t engage, it will remove them from your lists.