Build a Thriving Beauty Business: Learn How to Create High-Converting Sales Funnels That Skyrocket Your Revenue


What is a Salon Sales-Funnel?

A sales funnel for beauty businesses and cosmetic practices is a series of automated steps designed to streamline the sales process. Your salon sales funnel will guide potential clients through the process of initial contact, lead generation, building trust, taking action, and ultimately making conversions.

Transform Your Life and Others': Build a Beauty Business That Helps Others Look and Feel Good to Succeed

How Do Beauty-Business Sales-Funnels Work?

The most important step in planning your online marketing and sales strategies for a beauty business is understanding your target audience. The beauty industry is all about people, and your target audience are those you can help. Successful spa and beauty business owners earn the trust of their clients by effectively adding value to their lives before even addressing their skin conditions or appearance. To do this, you need to understand what is important to them and what they truly need from your business. In marketing terms, this process of identifying what is valuable to your target audience is called segmentation. This involves creating segments of your target audience and understanding the unique value you offer to each group. The segments are not based on the beauty services you offer, but on the outcomes that the people in each segment seek. The goal is to build sales funnels around these desired outcomes rather than the cosmetics or spa services that you sell.

How to Get More Quality Leads for Your Beauty Business?

Let’s start with your landing pages

Remember, after you have mapped out your target audiences, each audience should have a segmented landing page!
So you drive segmented traffic to places that are valuable to them 100%
Your landing page is where your trust-building should begin!
No transaction has ever been made without trust. 100%
Your landing page will be Equipped with Tracking Codes and Pixels
So even if your visitors only viewed the page and haven't made an action, this will still happen: 100%

Your landing pages is where the Segmentation part of your beauty sales-funnel starts. We said “pages” in plural because creating a separate page for each target-audience is a very good marketing idea for beauty businesses.


What do we mean by that? 

When someone searches for “how to get rid of acne” and lands on your website, you want them to read content specifically about getting rid of acne. To do this, you need a landing page designed around the search term they used on Google (in this case, “how to get rid of acne”). This is more effective than directing them to your homepage. While your home page may have a clear link to “getting rid of acne” in your professional opinion, the prospect may not know that. They are looking for a specific, targeted answer to their question. Segmented landing pages allow for segmented content and is the foundation of your entire sales funnel.

A screenshot that illustrate acne condition as part of discussing the importance of audience segmentation when building sales funnels and marketing strategies for beauty businesses and salons
Platforms that allow building landing pages for free:
Convert Kit

How to choose the right content for your beauty-business landing pages?

First and foremost, explore search terms volume and ideas:
And here are some more content ideas, this time around the search term: “beauty spa near me”
When creating content around a search term, such as “how to tighten the skin around my jawline,” it is essential to provide real value to your readers. While you don’t have to reveal all your knowledge about skin tightening, it’s important to give them helpful information that addresses their concern. The quality of the content is crucial to your beauty marketing strategy, as it is your chance to engage with potential clients, establish trust in your brand or salon, and position yourself as a professional authority in the market.
Something really important about content marketing:
You don’t have to be a writer or to do it alone. Like many other business-owners, you can get helped by professional writers and stay focused on growing your beauty business.

Re-Targeting PPC Advertising for Beauty-Businesses

Re-Engage with those who visited your article

Even if The Lead's Source is Facebook or Taboola, Google Ads Will Re-Target

What if a prospect visits your article about tightening jawlines but leaves your site without subscribing to your mailing list or taking any action? This is where the power of retargeting ads comes into play. Pay per click advertising platforms like Google and Facebook allow you to place a tracking code on your site, enabling you to show ads to people who have already engaged with your brand, even if they left your site. Since they have visited your site at least once, it is safe to assume that your beauty business is no longer foreign to them. Retargeting ads are a highly effective marketing strategy for beauty businesses, as the lead is in a warm state, meaning they are more likely to make a purchase or sign up for your mailing list at this point.
fb ad

Facebook Ad

Landscape Contractor

Taboola Ad

LinkedIn Ad

LinkedIn Ad

Dark Brown Live Webinar Facebook Post (2)

Google Ad

Email Marketing for Beauty-Salons!

Your expertise in the beauty industry is your top asset for building brand awareness! Email automation allows for smooth, automated, and consistent communication with your clients.
Implementing professional email automation can elevate your skincare business. Well-planned and well-structured email automation can increase sales and convert new leads. It can also improve client retention, track and optimize user experience, and segment your audience based on interests in specific treatments, skin type, location or other criteria.
Which email marketing platforms is the best for beauty businesses?
We recommend one of the following email software for your cosmetics or skin care business:

ConvertKit | MailerLite | Activecampaign | Sendinblue

Synced with the re-targeting ads, email marketing automation will follow:

Here is a simple example:

Email 1: 

Email 2:

Example of emails that we do

In addition

Reach Your Leads Faster with ChatBot

ChatBot on your page to allow faster and better communication!

Get a notification everytime a potential customer lands on your page, and see their behavior!

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