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Sales funnels for eCommerce and online shops

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What is an eCommerce Sales Funnel?

Sales funnels for ecommerce shops refer to the process by which a potential customer is led through a series of steps, from initial awareness of a product or service to a final purchase. The goal of a sales funnel is to guide the customer through the buying process, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

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Become a Successful Store-Owner by Applying this eCommerce Marketing Strategy

1. Understand &Segment Your Target Audience
Make a clear distinction between the groups of people you engage with:
prospects (target audience), leads and existing customers.


Prospects are people who have the potential to buy in your shop. They actively search for products that are similar to the products you sell, or they may need an outcome that your products provide.
Your online store or the products you sell are still foreign to people at the “prospects” stage. They are not familiar with your business nor with your products.
Segmentation can and should start at this early level.
2. Segment your target-audience
Define each segment using the following formula:
The outcome that this group of people would want to have


Plus The search terms they use to find this outcome


Plus your product or a category of products that can help them achieve this outcome


1 segment
3. Capture your store visitors
Start by designing a dedicated landing page for each segment.
Equip each landing page with a lead-capture feature. To capture leads you can utilize a form, a quiz or a sign up to pop up.
Incentivize & encourage the visitors to sign up to your lists. To read more about this stage click here.
Connect the lead-capture feature to an email automation software.
Create a dedicated list for each segment. Tag the list in your email software or CRM to keep the segmentation in place.


Leads are prospects whose contact information you now have. Preferably after they have signed up to your lists, asking you to communicate with them. In other cases, you have a database of email addresses of cold prospects which should be addressed separately.
The segmentation of your leads is now becoming even more important as it is crucial to curate each person with relevant information.
A. Create a welcome flow for each segment
B. Create a sequence of sales-driving emails for each audience
C. Start deep segmentation based on actions and other automation triggers.
D. Create a cart abandonment flow
E. Create a browse-abandonment flow

Existing Customers

A lead that makes a purchase is no longer a lead. Now they are clients.
The following strategies are made to increase and upgrade sales by existing customers:
A. Post Purchase Flow
B. Win-Back Flow
C. Replenishment Flow

 Now Let’s Get Deeper into Some eCommerce Strategies to Increase Your Online Store Sales!


A Killing Lead-Magnet

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Interactive Lead-Magnets Like Quizzes have a 40-55% average conversion rates! Since 20-25% is considered a good lead magnet conversion rate, quizzes have blown these numbers out of the water!

(Source ConvertKit)

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Step 2: Landing Pages

This is wher you capture the lead and start the conversation phase
Information about the listing and about your brand 100%
Your landing page will have a Lead Magnet as Well as Promotional Content
So you don't miss any communication opportunities 100%
Your landing page will be Equipped with Tracking Codes and Pixels
So even if your visitors only viewed the page and haven't made an action, this will still happen: 100%

Step 3: Re-Targeting

Integrate Your eCommerce Landing Page with Re-Targeting Ads

Even if The Lead's Source is Facebook or Taboola, Google Ads Will Re-Target. And Vice Versa

Omni FB AD

Facebook Ad

omni taboola ad

Taboola Ad

LinkedIn Ad

LinkedIn Ad

Omni Google ad

Google Ad

Step 4: Email Marketing Automation for eCommerce

Email Marketing Integration

Automate Your Email Marketing

It doesn’t matter if you run your online shop on Shopify, Big Cartel, Wix or WordPress, your eCommerce business is in need of excellent email automation.
Online stores are a virtual business. You communicate with your clients online. Professional email automation is crucial to your success. Well-planned and well-structured email automation can help you boost sales, generate new leads and convert them. Email automation can significantly enhance client retention, track and optimize user experience, segment your audience by listings’ interest, by their behavior, location or by other characteristics, and so much more!


Synced with the re-targeting ads, email marketing automation will follow:
Here is a simple example:

Email 1: 
Email 2:

Example of emails that we do

Read about Email Automation and Trigger-based Email Auto-Responders

In addition

Reach Your Leads Faster with ChatBot

ChatBot on your page to allow faster and better communication!

Get a notification everytime a potential customer lands on your page, and see their behavior!

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