Product description online writing tips

How To Write Product Descriptions To Grow Online Sales

A product description is a piece of content that describes a product and why it is worth buying. Usually, product descriptions include details about the product, including specifications, color, size, features, and benefits. Today, product description writing has emerged as a specialized service that adds to the appeal of e-commerce businesses.
However, product description writers, content writers, marketing specialists, and business persons tend to make an elementary mistake: Provide only a few product photographs and a few lines of description. Little do they realize that this is grossly inadequate. Professional product description writing services focus on augmenting your web pages to make online shoppers buy your products apart from writing clever copy with keywords that search engine spiders will detect.
Product descriptions are the lifeline to online sales because they add fantastic visibility and provide the information customers are looking for online. Such descriptions are brief and concise and help buyers make their decisions faster, contributing to a higher sales volume. Professional product description writing focuses on the features and benefits of the products offered and conveys the information that they are authentic and trustworthy. It is a case of compelling storytelling with attractive pictures and catchy text. 
Here are some efficient and easy ways to persuade online visitors to buy your products after reading the product descriptions.

1.Target the Real Buyer

Product descriptions mostly keep a host of online buyers in mind, which is a big mistake because you target no one in particular. For your product description writing to be effective, you must first identify your target audience and write for them. Have an imaginary conversation with your buyers, asking questions and providing the answers yourself. Always address the buyer as ‘you’ to help build rapport and get closer. Understand their likes and dislikes, and start thinking like them.

2. Coax them with the Benefits

Everyone spending money is looking for equal benefits. You may think that your product is the greatest. However, how do you make your customer believe the same? The best way to do that is to list out the benefits in an enticing manner to convince your customers to hit the buy button. Remember that most buyers are not interested in learning about the standard features and specifications. They want to know what is different about your product; in other words, they want to know the USP of your product. For example, if you are selling bath soap, besides saying that it keeps your hands soft and clean, you must also say that the pleasing perfume lingers throughout the day. Only professional product description writing services will think of such critical details, which is their forte.

3. Avoid using Colloquial Phrases

Product description writing involves choosing your words carefully, and using colloquial phrases simply won’t do. Repeating the oft-heard phrases like ‘fantastic product quality’ sounds bland and artificial. Whenever a person reads something like fantastic or excellent product quality, they know it is made up, not genuine. Instead of saying your product is of excellent quality, harp on the technical specifications, features, and benefits. For example, if your product description is for footwear, say the pair is comfortable and durable, and the lacing eyelets are made of high-quality plastic and won’t rust if they get wet.

4. Work on the Customers’ Imagination

Research studies indicate that merely touching a product kindles the desire to own it. However, online sales mean you can’t have your customers touching or holding your product in their hands. The best alternative is to include a small video of an individual handling the product and extolling its virtues. Your product description writing can also lead your customers to believe they are holding the product in their hands. It helps when you start a product description with the word imagine, which sparks the imagination in your customers’ minds.

5. Using Superlatives is Justified

Superlatives like best, easiest, etc., will not sound exaggerated if you can back them up with examples of why your product is superior. Amazon did it with its e-reader and called it “our largest, highest resolution display”, and even outdoors (in bright sunlight), our e-reader delivers the sharpest and crispest images. If you have a product that you believe to be one of the best and can back it up with solid proof (if it comes to that), go ahead and use choice superlatives. On the other hand, if you are not too sure, it is advisable to tone down the pitch a bit or use a customer testimonial as a backup.

6. Flaunt Social Proof

Online shoppers are often at a loss when choosing which product (brand) to buy and require gentle nudges to get them started. One thing that convinces online shoppers immediately is positive reviews from customers. They look for a 4 out of 5 or 4.5 out of 5 rating, which they believe is an endorsement they can go by. However, in addition to reviews, you could choose to use influencers because their images alongside your product say more than words can. Influential people are widely known and can authenticate your product to convince users to purchase.

7. Write Scannable Descriptions

You must ensure that your product description writing is easily scannable and that online visitors don’t have to strain too much to read it. The description on the packaging for your product must be bold and easily readable regardless of whether you sell it in a brick-and-mortar store or via your e-commerce website. The description must begin with a bold, catchy headline, followed by easy-to-read bullet points. Leave a lot of white space between the lines to make your copy look less cluttered.


The above points should help you achieve compelling product description writing to increase your online sales. Remember that powerful storytelling must include the tiniest details laced with persuasive descriptions.