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Marketing funnels for law offices and attorneys at law

What are Sales-Funnels for Law Firms?

Sales funnels for law firms are a series of automated steps designed to attract new clients to your practice. These funnels are tailored to your specific area of law, whether it be personal injury, employment, copyrights, or corporate law, and are created to generate high-quality leads and improve conversion rates, resulting in more clients for your practice. By utilizing targeted communication, lead magnets, and trust-building techniques, these funnels streamline your online marketing efforts and provide a better return on investment.


Follow These Steps and Create a Killing Sales-Funnels for Your Law Firm

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1. Segment your legal-services marketing funnels

As an attorney, you are aware of the legal services your firm provides and how they are naturally segmented. However, in order to create effective marketing strategies, it is essential to segment your services based on the outcomes they provide to your potential clients. This involves understanding the state of mind of your prospects before they have even heard about your legal practice.
When planning a marketing funnel, it starts by identifying a legal service your firm provides, but it does not necessarily focus on that service directly. Instead, the funnel centers on the outcome that your target audience needs. Later on, the funnel will introduce a service that can provide the desired outcome, but only after building trust and authority with the audience.

2. Associate lists of 15-20 keywords with each funnel

Realize: there are two types of legal prospective clients:
A. People who know what legal service they need and actively search for it.
This type of prospective legal clients are ready for a client-attorney relationship. They know they need a lawyer, they shop around and they actively search online for phrases like “patent lawyer”, “personal injury lawyer near me” or “labor and employment lawyer Arlington VA”.
Targeting this kind of “in-market audience” – to use marketing lingo, would include marketing practices such as Local SEO, Google Search Ads that bid on similar keywords (in contrast to Google Display ads for example), brand awareness, and referrals. 
B. The other type of potential legal clients are people who don’t currently know what kind of a legal service they need. Often they don’t even know they need one. They don’t actively look up lawyers of any kind. Instead they may search for something that you- as a lawyer, has the ability to provide. In other cases they simply fall into a category of people who may potentially need your legal services. Presently or in the future.
This type of prospective legal clients would ask Google queries like “can a seller of a property back out of a signed contract?”, “how to share custody with the other parent?”, “what does getting a US patent mean?”, or “what is the punishment for DUI in Arizona?”
Now that you have created lists of 15-20 keywords associated with each legal service, you can move to the next step. Each cluster you started to build (legal service + keywords) is in fact the starting-point of a structure of marketing funnel. A legal practice funnel that you will eventually build and utilize.

3. Create Valuable Lead-Generating Content

As search engines are constantly optimized to provide more relevant and more useful results to legal queries, high-quality content is the absolute king of law offices SEO and Pay Per Click campaigns. Hey! there’s a reason you ended up reading this post..
What were you searching online that made this page relevant to you?
Targeted, relevant and segmented  legal content is at the core of your funnels. When you create your content as a lawyer, don’t just spray & pray. Before you even start typing a word, get back to the  sales-funnel map that you started to work on, and map out the titles of the articles, audios or videos that you will create. Each piece of content you craft, should not only be associated with the cluster of keywords that is related to that funnel, and it should not only contain a good potion of those keywords in itself. Each piece of content you create should naturally be the first reading choice of any person who typed one of the related keywords.

4. Build a dedicated landing page for each funnel

Your ads and search results will drive SEGMENTED traffic to each page
Your landing page should be powerful, compelling and should be equipped with strong lead Magnet Tools
So you don't miss any communication opportunities 100%
Your landing page will be Equipped with Tracking Codes and Pixels
So even if your visitors only viewed the page and haven't made an action, this will still happen: 100%

5. Equip each page with a strong Lead Magnet

The objective of the lead magnet is to get your legal-prospects give you their contact details in exchange to a valuable free item that you will give them. 
How will you make sure that the freebie you offer is valuable enough to your legal prospects, to a point that they will give you their details?
Remember how each piece of content was directly associated with a cluster of keywords? In exactly the same way, the freebie that you associate with a funnel, should naturally be a thing that the visitors of the landing page, the readers of the “lead-generating” piece of content it entails, the same people who searched for the related keywords, would simply want to proceed and explore. 
Examples for lead magnets for lawyers:
– An eBook or a guide
– A Checklist
– A Webinar
– A Newsletter
– An Educating Video
– A Quiz
Keep in mind that the initial goal is to capture the lead, not to pitch your legal services. Trust-building is crucial at this stage and the primary objective is to secure further communication. Without their contact details, prospects cannot become leads and you will not be able to take the relationship to the next level. However, when they do provide you with their contact information, it means that your lead magnet was compelling, you have started to gain their trust, and they are giving you the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in the legal field they are interested in.
Build Segmented Landing Pages Quickly, with These Online Tools

6. Re-Targeting Pay Per Click Advertising. Time To Build Brand Awareness!

Integrate Your Landing Page with Re-Targeting Ads

Even if The Lead's Source is Facebook or Taboola, Google Ads Will Re-Target. And Vice Versa...

Competent Legal Services

Facebook Ad

Landscape Contractor

Taboola Ad

LinkedIn Ad

LinkedIn Ad

Competent Legal Services

Google Ad

7. Automate Email Marketing for Lawyers

While your law offices lead generation becomes more and more virtual, professional email automation is crucial to your success.
Well-planned and well-structured email automation can help you boost awareness, build your firm as an authority, generate new leads and convert them into clients. Email automation can significantly enhance client retention, track and optimize user experience, segment your audience by legal interest, by their behavior or by other characteristics, and so much more!
Omni Online Strategies is probably one of the most experienced marketing agencies providing automation strategies and management. 
We are official agency partner of ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Sendinblue, ConvertKit, Getresponse and MailerLite.
Synced with the re-targeting ads, email marketing automation will follow:
Here is a simple example:

Email 1: 
Email 2:

Example of emails that we do

Read about Email Automation and Trigger-based Email Auto-Responders

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