Omni 5 Sales-Funnels A-Z Package to Boost Your Business!!

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Omni Complete Marketing Boost Package!!

Complete sales funnels marketing package!

5 Sales-Funnels +Segmentation +5 PPC Campaigns +5 Lead-Magnet eBooks + 5 Landing Pages +5 Email Sequences +SEO+Integration!

February Special!

Only 1 Time Fee of $8500!!

Seriously… that’s a huge deal..!

Unlock your business's full potential with our comprehensive sales-funnel package! Our team of experts will provide you with 5 fully optimized sales-funnels, designed to increase your sales and drive growth.

The package includes:

Strategy & Map-Out Plan:
We’ll work with you to understand your products, audience, and competition, and create a customized plan to ensure success.
Here’s an example:
Sales-Funnel-Strategies-Insurance brokers
Five High-Converting Landing Pages (!!):
Each landing page will be carefully crafted with the right design, copywriting, lead capture, and on-page SEO to convert visitors into customers.
Five Engaging eBooks:
To captivate your audience and build trust, we’ll create engaging eBooks for each of your sales-funnels, complete with copywriting and design.
Example of our eBooks:
How to increase ecommerce sales! Download the 2023 guide free!
Five Email Automation Sequences:
Our team will create and set up email automation sequences that nurture leads and encourage sales.


Five PPC Campaigns:
We’ll create and set up 5 segmented PPC ads for each audience so you can drive traffic to your sales-funnels with highly targeted Pay Per Click campaigns.


25Custom Social Media Posts (5for each funnel!):
To reach your audience on multiple platforms, we’ll create and design custom social media posts for each of your sales-funnels.
To further boost your sales, we’ll also provide an SEO-focused article for each funnel.Note: This package only includes setup and does not include management. The payment for any necessary third-party apps or ad spend budget is not included.”