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Client Showcase: A Real Estate Marketing Funnel

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A Real Estate Marketing Funnel
Client: Vanessa Liu, Toronto Real Estate
  1. High converting marketing real estate strategy with strong emphasis on segmentation, engagement, trust building, personalization and sales.
  2. Reach out by videos with valuable information and guidance about the real estate market in Toronto
  3. Funnel split: Commercial and residential, buyers and sellers
  4. Super high-quality free eBook offer. The eBooks are based on specific search terms: A Sellers’ Guide for Greater Toronto real estate sellers and a Buyers’ Guide for investors and buyers of real estate properties in greater Toronto.
  5. Lead capture
  6. Segmented email automation (buyers/sellers) with further insights, real estate tips and professional advice. Trust building, authority establishment and deeper engagement.
  7. Integration with Activecampaign email automation and CRM
  8. Call To Action: Free one-on-one consultation
  9. Closure

Who is Vanessa Liu?

marketing ideas real estate
Vanessa promotes her lead magnet pages
on Youtube, and Facebook and communicate with her target audience about the benefits of the sellers' or the buyers' guides to encourage action
Once her prospects click on the real estate lead-magnet links she shares,
they are redirected to a landing page
and register to get the free guide

Here's the steps on how to download
the free Buyer's Guide.

How to download
the free Seller's Guide.

How to download
the free Landlord's Guide.

Let Us Strategize Your Marketing! Our Chat is One Click Away!