Six Expert Tips to Generate Content Ideas to Boost Search Engine Ranking

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Six Expert Tips to Generate Content Ideas to Boost Search Engine Ranking

Most search engines prioritize great content over everything else; hence, the saying “Content is King!” High-quality content which includes all the targeted keywords is the best way to go if you want to receive a higher ranking in search engine result pages or SERPs. However, it is not always easy to churn out new content and come up with innovative ideas. To help you out, we have some expert tips that can help you generate engaging content and boost your SEO ranking.   

1. Start the search from within your company

Fortunately, you do not have to look far and wide to find interesting topics relevant to your target audience. You can engage your employees in the content generation process, and you will find countless content ideas which are just beyond your imagination. You can organize brainstorming sessions for your employees and jot down every idea that arouses attention, interest, action, and desire.    

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Verblio offers quality content writing services to businesses.  They have more than 3,000 top-tier US based content writers, they help businesses, agencies, and enterprises, and they can help you create valuable content, from newsletters to ebooks and blog posts. You may definitely find Verblio interesting and cost-effective.

3. Optimize existing content

You can even use your older blog posts that are still valuable and reshape them to make new content. For instance, you can turn each sub-topic of your eBook into a single blog post and post it on your website.  

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4. Generate content with SEO tools

People often limit the use of SEO tools and utilize them exclusively for keyword research. However, if you use them innovatively, you can find all the hot topics that are creating a buzz in your industry. While on the subject of SEO tools, do not forget about Sitechecker’s On-Page SEO Checker. This free tool can help you review your site’s critical elements—such as HTTPS status codes, URL friendliness, meta titles, and descriptions, and more—and provide you with an easy-to-understand report. Once you have identified your site’s shortcomings, you can develop a plan of action to fix those. 

5. Leverage the search engine giant Google

Interestingly, you can find content ideas from Google itself; you just need to look at the right place. These “right places” are Google’s search suggestions, Google Trends, and “People Also Ask” box. Once you enter the root keyword in Google’s search bar, you will find many variations related to your original topic. You can turn these variations into new content for your business website. You can also find the most popular topics on Google Trends. Just type in your potential content idea keyword, and you will find if people are interested in that topic. Along with this, Google Trends will provide you with other related queries that you can use as your new blog title. Lastly, in the “People Also Ask” section—which is located below the first few search results—you will find the most frequently asked questions that you can turn into a blog for your website. 

6. Look for inspiration on social media platforms

Social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, are rich content sources brimming with ideas. You can join your industry-related Facebook Groups and generate new content as per the general questions that people are asking and the discussions that are taking place. On Youtube, you can either take ideas from the “Popular” section or type a keyword relevant to your niche and fill your pockets with content ideas that YouTube search results show you. 

These ideas will help you generate high-quality content that will spike your SEO ranking on popular search engines. With all the changes done, your website will become SEO-friendly and secure high(er) ranks on SERPs.