The best cold email software for 2023- our choice!

👍The Best Cold Email Software for 2023: Experts Choice

As experts in the field of cold email marketing, we’ve dedicated significant time and effort to researching, testing, and analyzing a diverse range of email marketing platforms. Our unwavering commitment to understanding the best options available has led us on an exploratory journey across a myriad of applications and platforms, an experience both enlightening and challenging. After this extensive exploration, we have concluded that Saleshandy stands out among the competition. However, this isn’t just a casual endorsement or a subjective preference; it’s a considered recommendation that has been reached after comprehensive research, thorough testing, and direct experience. We do acknowledge that there is always room for improvement, and we have some suggestions in this regard, but as of now, we find Saleshandy to be a remarkable tool in the cold email marketing space.

Customer Support: Setting the Bar High

Customer support is a critical aspect of any service-based platform, and it’s an area where Saleshandy performs notably well. They have designed a customer service experience that strives to be accessible and responsive, rather than being obscured behind automated responses or complex ticketing systems. Essentially, Saleshandy’s customer service framework aims for a smooth, direct line of communication, reminiscent of seeking assistance from a colleague.
Based on our interactions, we have found Saleshandy’s support team to be effective and responsive. We’ve had situations where issues were complex, requiring comprehensive discussion rather than a brief text-based explanation. During these instances, the Saleshandy team was open to joining a more detailed conversation, including hopping on a video call when necessary. This approach can be contrasted with other platforms, where seeking assistance can sometimes feel lengthy and burdensome.
However, it is important to remember that different users may have different experiences, and what works well for one person might not work as well for another. Therefore, while our experiences have been positive, we encourage potential users to consider their specific needs and preferences when choosing a platform.

The User Interface

Saleshandy has designed a system for crafting email sequences that combines versatility and data-informed decision-making. The process involves setting up an email sequence for a specific domain, each sequence consisting of multiple email stages. This might include a cycle of sending an email, pausing for a certain duration, then sending a subsequent email, and so forth.
A notable feature of Saleshandy’s system is the option to create variants at each step. These variants allow for experimentation with different subject lines while keeping the same email content. For instance, one might set up the second stage of the sequence with four distinct variants, which can then be tracked for open rates, potentially identifying the most effective subject line.
Moreover, users can try out different combinations of phrasing, personalization, and even emojis to test what yields the most engagement.


Here are a few examples:
👍 {first name}, please verify your account
{first name}, your account needs verification 👍
Account verification required
{company}: account verification required


Saleshandy also provides the option to include preheaders, offering another tool to potentially enhance email engagement. We encourage users to test these features and see what aligns best with their audience and business goals.

Still, there's some room for improvement...

Saleshandy, as we’ve outlined, offers some truly impressive capabilities when it comes to setting up email sequences, providing the ability to create variations of each email to test what content and presentation methods work best.
However, one area that could benefit from a bit of enhancement is the process of creating these variations. Currently, each variation must be manually created in a new tab. This means that if you’re tweaking just a few elements from a previous variant—perhaps adjusting a subject line or rewording a sentence—you still have to go through the somewhat laborious process of recreating the entire variant from scratch.
Imagine, for instance, you’re running a sequence where the second step has four different variants. Each of these variants might have largely identical content, with just the subject lines differing. Now, if you want to add another variant that’s very similar to one of the existing ones, you’d need to start from the ground up.
It’s in this scenario where a ‘clone variant’ feature would be hugely beneficial. This would allow you to simply copy an existing variant and then make the necessary tweaks, all without having to build everything again in a new tab. It would save time, reduce the chance of manual errors, and streamline the whole process of creating and experimenting with different variants.
Despite this minor shortcoming, Saleshandy remains an incredibly robust and valuable tool for cold email marketing. The platform’s commitment to continuous improvement gives us hope that a solution for easier variant duplication might be on the horizon.

Shared Inbox Feature: A Tool for Improved Team Collaboration

The shared inbox feature in Saleshandy stands as a significant asset in the realm of team collaboration. At its core, it is a tool designed to consolidate interactions and facilitate seamless communication, negating the necessity of shifting between numerous platforms.
Within Saleshandy’s system, you’re able to respond directly, a facet that not only enhances convenience but also promotes a unified, efficient workflow. The design of the shared inbox provides a clean and organized view of your email landscape, removing clutter and simplifying navigation.
Additionally, the shared inbox feature brings a level of transparency that is often missing in other platforms. When you’re dealing with an influx of emails, knowing the context is crucial. Saleshandy’s shared inbox provides this context by showing which sequence each email belongs to. This means, at a glance, you can identify who the sender is and understand the thread of conversation, thus equipping you with the necessary information to construct an appropriate reply.
This detailed visibility into email sequences is a boon for productivity and coherence within teams. With such transparency, team members can easily align on communications and ensure consistent messaging.
In a fast-paced work environment, where every minute counts, the shared inbox feature from Saleshandy stands out as a tool designed to streamline operations and foster effective team collaboration. By amalgamating key communication threads in one place, it allows teams to save precious time and maintain a clear, efficient workflow.

Spintax Feature: Enhancing Mass Email Personalization

Saleshandy’s Spintax feature offers a handy solution for bringing a level of personalization to your mass emails. Spintax, short for Spin Syntax, is a feature designed to infuse variety into your email content, making each one feel tailored for its recipient.
At its core, Spintax allows for the creation of multiple text variations from a single ‘master’ version. By using specific syntax, often involving curly braces and pipe characters, different options can be assigned to parts of your email text. When the email gets dispatched, Spintax randomly picks one option from each set, thereby producing a unique version for each recipient.
For example, let’s consider you’re sending a promotional email to a large number of recipients. With the Spintax feature, instead of starting each email with the same generic salutation like “Dear customer”, you can prepare variations such as “Dear valued customer”, “Hello”, or “Greetings”. This way, each email will have a unique and personalized opening line.
The true value of the Spintax feature lies in its ability to keep the efficiency of mass emails intact, while infusing a personal touch into each one. Given the preference for personalized communication in today’s digital world, this feature could significantly enhance engagement and response rates.
Despite its technical sounding nature, the setup process for Spintax on Saleshandy has been designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Comprehensive support articles and a readily available customer support team ensure that even users unfamiliar with the technique can comfortably get started.
In a nutshell, the Spintax feature underscores Saleshandy’s dedication to providing comprehensive and effective tools for cold email marketing. It allows you to weave in that personal touch into your email communication, making mass emails feel more like individual conversations.

Content Guide: Navigating the Art of Effective Email Creation

Saleshandy offers a useful feature known as the Content Guide. This tool serves as a resource for users, offering insights and assistance in creating effective and engaging emails.
Writing the perfect cold email often involves navigating a delicate balance between maintaining professionalism and adding a personal touch, delivering information and retaining reader interest. The Content Guide assists with this, acting as a user-friendly resource for creating compelling email content.
The Content Guide provides practical advice, templates, and examples to aid in the email drafting process. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional, this feature can be a helpful reference.
One aspect that can enhance the user experience with the Content Guide is how it can be used alongside other features of Saleshandy. For example, when combined with Spintax, it can help users create not only personalized but also effectively engaging emails.
While the Content Guide is indeed a helpful tool, it’s important to remember that its utility ultimately depends on the specific needs and usage of each user. Just as with any tool, the success of an email campaign will depend on how effectively the tool is used and how well the content resonates with the target audience. In the context of cold email marketing, having a resource like the Content Guide can be beneficial, but it doesn’t replace the value of understanding your audience and tailoring your messaging to their needs.

Cold Email Sequences Capabilities

Next up, we have Saleshandy’s impressive email sequencing capabilities. With this feature, you can send a series of emails at scheduled intervals, ensuring that your communication is consistent and controlled. And, for the tech-savvy, Saleshandy offers seamless connectivity options via IMAP or SMTP, further solidifying its position as a comprehensive solution for cold email marketing.
In conclusion, as seasoned cold email experts, we’ve navigated through the sea of countless platforms, each offering their own unique blend of features and capabilities. After extensive testing and first-hand experiences, we found Saleshandy to not only meet but exceed our expectations in every key area. Therefore, we’re proud to announce Saleshandy as our Expert Choice – the best cold email software in the market. Whether you’re just dipping your