Yotpo Shopify app

The Top 13 Must-Have Shopify Apps {2023}

Shopify is a powerful platform for building and managing an online store. One of the biggest advantages of using Shopify is the vast array of apps that are available to help you extend its functionality. In this article, we will take a look at the best 15 Shopify apps that you can add to your store to enhance your customer experience, improve your sales, and streamline your operations.


This app is a must-have for any dropshipping store. Oberlo makes it easy to find and import products from AliExpress, and it also handles the order fulfillment process for you.


This app helps you gather customer reviews and ratings for your products, which can increase trust and drive sales. Yotpo also provides a suite of tools for email marketing, social media, and loyalty programs.


This app allows you to create custom pop-ups and banners to drive conversions and build your email list. Privy also includes tools for A/B testing and exit-intent triggers to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Loox is a product review app that allows you to gather and display customer reviews on your product pages. Loox also provides a review request system, so you can solicit reviews from your customers automatically.


 This app is a powerful email marketing platform that integrates seamlessly with Shopify. Klaviyo offers a range of tools for creating and sending personalized email campaigns, automating workflows, and tracking customer behavior.

Plug in SEO

This app helps you optimize your store for search engines, which can increase your visibility and drive more traffic to your site. Plug in SEO provides a suite of tools for keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.


This app provides a suite of tools for Facebook Messenger marketing, including automated chatbots, abandoned cart recovery, and order updates. Recart can help you increase customer engagement and drive more sales.


This app allows you to create custom landing pages, product pages, and other pages for your store without any coding required. PageFly includes a drag-and-drop builder, customizable templates, and a range of design elements to help you create beautiful pages that convert.

Bold Product Upsell

This app helps you increase your average order value by offering customers upsells and cross-sells at checkout. Bold Product Upsell integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store and provides a range of customization options to match your brand.


 This app allows you to lock certain parts of your store or pages until a customer has completed a certain action, such as signing up for your email list or making a purchase. Locksmith is a great way to incentivize customers to take action and build your email list.


This app provides a comprehensive support platform for your store, including live chat, email, and ticket support. Gorgias also includes tools for automating support tasks, tracking customer behavior, and analyzing customer feedback.


his app allows you to create custom landing pages and other pages for your store using a drag-and-drop builder. Shogun includes a range of design elements, customizable templates, and powerful analytics tools to help you optimize your pages for conversions.