6 Eye-Catching Mailchimp Landing Page Examples and Tips for 2023!

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How to design a landing page on mailchimp step by step guide

6 Eye-Catching Mailchimp Landing Page Examples and Tips for 2023!

Landing pages play an important role in every sales-funnel. Mailchimp helps you connect your email marketing operation with customized landing page templates. The combination of these two components allows you to create beautiful campaigns that match your brand.

Without further ado, here are 6 attention-grabbing landing page examples, all made with Mailchimp’s landing-page builder, to inspire your imagination!

If you are just starting off with Mailchimp and you are looking for a Mailchimp EMAIL MARKETING tutorial, check out our beginners’ guide HERE
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How Do I Create A Sign-Up Landing Page On Mailchimp?

After you watched multiple examples of landing-page designs on Mailchimp, it is time to learn how to do it! Let us help you create an eye-catching and effective landing for your business, so you can easily send traffic from ad campaigns, sell products, collect email addresses, and a lot more!

Hover onto “Create” on the main page of your Mailchimp account then select “Build Landing Page”

Mailchimp landing page tutorial

From here you’ll have to name your landing page to whichever purpose you want it for. This will help you identify which is which when looking through your list of landing pages.

How to create a landing page on Mailchimp

The best thing with Mailchimp is that you can start working on some sample templates available from their platform. They have a variety of landing page templates you can use depending on the purpose you aim for. We’ll be focusing this article on building a LEAD GENERATING landing page.

Now that we selected the template that we want, let’s get creative! 

This part has the “Drag and Drop” feature so you can place your boxes anywhere you want on the template you have. After placing a box you can input your content there whether it’s text, a button,  an image, and so on.

Landing page templates for business

Here we uploaded an image we edited in the image block as our header. You have to make sure the top of your landing page is pleasing to the eye, readable, and innovative so you can easily catch the attention of your prospect.

Take note, that the background has another image inserted in it. This is a great feature you should utilize so you can create a dynamic landing page for your business! Just hover at the lower left corner of a section you are working on and these icons will appear. You can either select the background color you prefer or an image.

Mailchimp desining ideas landing pages and emails

Now to one of the important parts when creating a landing page: Your content! A beautiful design is relevant, but if your headline is not good enough or your content is hard to understand or doesn’t make sense, then your prospect will most likely exit the page. 

The landing page needs a purpose and you have to focus on the goal you are aiming for so you can compose a sales converting copy for your page. Remember, it needs to have clear communication, an eye-grabbing headline, and simple but useful information that is straight to the point. 

Here we clearly depict a headline that not only grabs our target market’s attention but also affects them emotionally because they can relate to the title.

Don’t forget the purpose of your landing page. We applied a headline that can attract prospects, now it’s time to edit our form and insert the information we want to get because this is a Lead Generating Landing Page. 


First, we add our IRRESISTIBLE OFFER. Then we edit the form with the details we want to get from them on the right side in the tools section. Make sure to tick the field you want and mark it as required so the prospect needs to fill out all details to get the freebie. 


Here, the FREEBIE is a discount when they purchase from us.

Down the road, you can add a little information about your company similar to what we did here. Remember to keep it short and to the point. They can always visit your site or contact you for more information.

When you’re happy with your page, you can now click on “Publish” at the top-right corner of your screen!

Mailchimp landing page design ideas

You can now utilize your landing page for whichever purpose you need it. Place your link as a call to action to your posts or direct them to your landing page through marketing or sales funnels. Now it’s your turn, get creative and work on your landing page!


1. The headline makes the first impression 

Create a headline that immediately catches attention and informs the purpose of your page. You can always put subheadings when you want to explain further what you’re trying to say,  but make sure your headline is not too long.

2. Short and Clear Communication

Make sure your landing page has a clear message to instill the purpose. Whether it’s a product selling, a lead generating, or an announcement page, you must write a compelling and clear message. Stop beating around the bush and say what is relevant to keep your audience engaged. A helpful tool you can use is Grammarly! This can help you compose grammatically correct sentences and keeps your message clear. 

3. Visually Pleasing

Remember to be creative! Keep your branding in line when designing because this is the identity of your company. Maximize the great features of the Mailchimp platform so you can create a landing page that’s jaw-dropping and converting at the same time.

4. Pegs are Helpful

Designing can be a walk in the park when you know what you want. But if you are not sure of what design you are aiming for, it’s always a good idea to visualize what you want to create first before diving into the design and copywriting of your landing page. Feed your creativity with some great designs that can be found there. Some of the best designs you can use as pegs can be seen on Pinterest! 

5. Canva is Your Best friend!

Never underestimate the power of Canva! This platform can be useful in many ways, especially when you are not an expert in designing. Canva can elevate your skills and help you provide some great visuals that can instantly feel like you are an artist! Not to mention, it’s user-friendly and it provides a lot of great templates you can use.

6. Call to Action

Always remember the purpose of your landing page. Your call-to-action buttons are one of the vital parts when aiming for conversion! It can either be a contact us, buy now, learn more, or register now button. Whatever it is, don’t forget to place it on your page and make sure it’s noticeable!

We hope this helps you create the perfect landing page for your business! Time to test your creativity and work on it now. 

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