Examples and templates of ecommerce email marketing flows

6 eCommerce Email-Marketing Examples and Illustrations

Email automations make it easy to initiate and nurture relationships with your online store subscribers and customers over the course of their lifecycle. By using segmented ecommerce email-marketing flows, you can automate messages that will help grow your online business, without losing any of the personalization and relevancy needed to build strong customer loyalty.
In collaboration with Klaviyo, we are sharing with you 6 different types of eCommerce email flows that are automated and designed to boost your online sales!

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#1 The Welcome Series Flow

A welcome series is a sequence of messages sent directly after someone signs up to hear from your brand. This is a critical moment in the customer lifecycle because it’s your opportunity to introduce new, interested prospects to your business and product offering.
Welcome series examples:

#2 The abandoned cart flow

The average cart abandonment rate is approximately 70%. It jumps to over 85% for those shopping on mobile phones. Ecommerce brands may lose up to $18 billion in yearly sales revenue from abandoned carts.
Abandoned cart email example

#3 The browse abandonment flow

Browse abandonment emails are triggered when a site visitor views a product page and does not start or complete a checkout. 92% of the people who visit your website for the first time aren’t there to purchase.
Browse abandonment email flow example for eCommerce:

#4 The Post Purchase Flow

Post purchase emails are one of the the most engaging emails in email marketing, providing an opportunity for customer retention and future purchases. 80% of your future revenue will likely come from just
Example of post-purchase emails

#5 The Win-Back Flow

A win-back email is a message you can use to reach out to inactive subscribers—someone who has engaged with your company in the past It costs 5x more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one

#6 The replenishment flow

If your business sells consumable goods or consumer packaged goods (CPGs), you can use a replenishment flow to remind customers when they are running out of your product. Repeat customers spend 3x as much as first-time customers.

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