How to increase ecommerce sales! Download the 2023 guide free!

How to Triple eCommerce Sales in 2023: Download Our Guide Free!

Why aren’t They Buying?
Traffic but no sales? You are not alone. Over 90% of people who visit your online shop for the first time, leave without buying anything. That is a huge number and a massive potential that goes to waste. In marketing lingo it means that your conversion rate is low.The good news are: there’s a proven method that can send your eCommerce sales through the roof!
It was the philosopher, speaker and writer Jiddu Krishnamurti who said: 
“If you can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it because the answer is not separated from the problem”. 
Krishnamurti’s quote above can be found profoundly true in life because, online or offline, we are people in a dynamic with other people. Don’t let professional terms like ‘visitors’, ‘leads’, ‘prospects’ and ‘clients’ fool you. You are dealing with people and without gaining a real understanding of the problem they seek to solve, you will not be able to provide the answer they need. In this case- a product. This is not a moral reminder. It is simply a key to your online business’s success. A successful sales-funnel is all about understanding the outcome your people look for, and communicating with them to develop the opportunity to explain that you can actually provide what they need.
Why aren’t They Buying?
Common problems
Your shop’s visitors don’t know that your product may solve their problem
  1. Understand what their problem is.
  2. Segment your audiences by the outcome they seek. Not by your products.
  3. Create funnels that eventually link between the solution they seek and your product, not before you have enhanced your relationship with them and developed their trust in your brand.
Visitors show interest in the product, but leave the shop without buying it
90% of the people don’t make a purchasing decision the first time they see a product.
Get their contact details (lead capture) to allow further communication. 
Create segmented email automation sequences. 
Equip your shop with SEGMENTED retargeting ads.