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This Company Paid $100M to Affiliates in One Year!

If you specialize in email marketing or if you’re a marketer who knows how to drive people to act;  here is an affiliate program you should know about. This company paid publishers over 100 Million USD in one year. You heard that right.
Moreover, currently they only have 1,000 affiliates in their network. That means an average of $100K was paid to each affiliate in one year. This number is absolutely remarkable.
Another thing that worth noting, is how organizes and advanced their system is. Forget about conventional affiliate marketing. Here, in one click you get tons of ready made landing pages, all with different designs, forms and domains. All are your and trackable.
Check out the system and the dashboard. You can join for free.

Is email marketing good for affiliates?

The answer is yes. Email marketing is a very powerful tool that can drive massive traffic to your affiliate links. Keep in mind the following factors:
  • Deliverability: Making sure that your emails are arriving in customers’ inboxes and not being marked as spam is the key to getting better engagement. How can you earn any income if your campaigns are landing in places that consumers rarely ever check? Make sure that the company you promote provide you with a team of experts that is ready and eager to help with your deliverability problems, so your efforts aren’t in vain.
  • Responsive Email and Landing Page Design: Having the right design is  just as important as the content of the email. It’s also responsible for changes in the unsubscribe and deletion rate for most customers. It also has a considerable impact on the overall success of your campaign. Are you considering current trends? Do you know what those are? Is your email and campaign designed for mobile? Consult with a dedicated affiliate manager who can help you tailor email that convert.
  • Content/Segmentation: Are you sending the same email to everyone on your list? Are you bringing value to your target audience and providing them with offers they want and need? Targeted suggestions can genuinely be a goldmine for email marketers, so we ensure that our partners can harness that for their benefit. Let’s take a payday loan leads as an example. More and more consumers are looking to get a payday loan, and the majority of them require a payday loan as often as every month. This fact alone means that people who open an email about payday loans are very likely to request one, not just once a year, but as frequently as every month. By segmenting the people who opened the payday loan email and sending them an email once a month, you can earn extremely high eCPM as an email marketing publisher.