Instagram SEO Strategy: Tricks To Grab Potential Followers

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Instagram Search Engine Optimization SEO

Instagram SEO Strategy: Tricks To Grab Potential Followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. With over two billion users as of 2022,  it’s no surprise that brands are clamoring to get a piece of the pie. But with such a large and competitive platform, how can you ensure that your brand stands out?

How to I get SEO on Instagram?

Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO” for short, is the process of optimizing your website or online content to make it more visible to search engines. In other words,  it’s a way to increase your chances of being found online. While SEO is typically associated with traditional search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, it can also be applied to social media platforms like Instagram.  
Instagram is a  photo-video social media platform that allows users to share content, follow other users, and comment on or like posts. With its large user base and engagement rates,  Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool for many businesses that helps them increase brand awareness,  build relationships with customers, and drive sales.
Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet when it comes to Instagram Search Engine Optimization. But you can use a few tricks and techniques to attract followers.

How do I improve my Instagram SEO?

1. Use Relevant Keywords in Your Bio
Your bio is one of the first things people will see when they visit your profile, so it’s important to make a good impression. Use relevant keywords in your bio to describe what you do, who you are, and what people can expect to see on your profile. 
For example,  if you’re a travel blogger, you might use keywords like “travel,” “adventure,” and “wanderlust.” However, if you need help with what keywords to use, try using a tool like Google AdWords to get ideas for relevant keywords. Doing this will not only help people find you more quickly but can also help you entice the right kind of followers. 
2. Geotag Your Photos 
Another way to make your content more visible on Instagram is to geotag your photos. Geotagging is the process of adding location information to your posts,  which can be done by simply tagging the location where the photo was taken. 
When you geotag your photos, they become more discoverable to people searching for content from that specific location. For instance, if someone is searching for “Los Angeles restaurants,” and you geotagged a photo of your restaurant in LA,  there’s a chance that your photo will show up in the search results and give more exposure to your content. 
3.  Find and Use the Right Hashtag 
Hashtags are a great way to get your photos seen by more people,  but only if you use them correctly. So first, do some research to find the most popular hashtags in your industry. These refer to the hashtags with the most followers and are thus the most competitive. Once you’ve found a few popular hashtags, try to use them in your photos,  but don’t go overboard. 
Using too many hashtags in a single photo can come across as spammy and will only turn people off. A good rule of thumb is to use no more than three hashtags per photo. Also, you can use a mix of popular and less popular hashtags to reach a wider audience, including new followers and people who are already interested in your content. 
4. Take Advantage of Instagram Stories 
Another excellent tool for engaging your audience and gaining new followers is Instagram Stories. When you post a story, it appears at the top of people’s feeds, making it more likely to be seen. And since stories only last for 24 hours, they have a sense of urgency that encourages people to view them right away. 
To get the most out of this feature, try posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos or give your followers a sneak peek of new products or upcoming events. You can also use Instagram Stories to run a contest or giveaway to spur excitement and engagement. No matter what story you post,  make sure it’s exciting and visually appealing. And don’t forget to optimize your Instagram stories with keywords and hashtags to ensure they’re visible to as many people as possible. 
5. Use Instagram Ads 
Organic reach on Instagram is getting harder and harder,  which is why taking advantage of Instagram Ads can be a big leap.  When you run an ad,  it appears in Instagram feeds just like a regular post,  but with a “sponsored” label, targeting even those audiences that are not following you. 
When creating an ad, use high-quality visuals and include a strong call to action. For instance,   if you’re a clothing brand,  your ad might feature a photo of one of your products with the text “click here to shop now.” 
In addition, you should also target your ads to people who are likely to be interested in your products or services. Consider factors like age, gender, interests, and location. This way, you’ll reach the right people and get more followers as a result. 
6. Engage with Other Users 
When you like and comment on other people’s photos,  there’s a good chance they’ll check out your profile, and if they like what they see, they’ll start following you. 
Of course, you can’t just go around liking and commenting on every photo you see. Instead, focus on engaging with users who have similar interests to you. But don’t just leave generic comments like “nice pic!” Instead, try to say something that will start a conversation or make the person laugh.